Posted by: shawnjohnston | July 31, 2007

What Time Is It?

What time is it?

Right now.

Who are you?

This moment.

In many ways it is just this simple. But staying mindful of this, of controlling your monkey mind and ruling your rebellious passions and desires are another thing altogether.

We are not our thoughts. The past has no power and is useless to us outside of it’s ability to allow us to learn from our mistakes. The future should be planned for but it is easy to get lost in, always living for that future time when you will be happy. I am always wary of this spiral.

What helps me stay in this moment where “I” truly am, is love, dedication and inspiration. Dedication, loyalty and discipline are natural results of these things. I love all things for they are all one in the Grace of God. I’ve even partially overcome my fear of spiders and bugs for my revulsion at killing a creation whose right to life is the same as my own has steadily superseded my fear of their touch.

I am dedicated to the path of awakening, not for my own personal validation but for the happiness and Light it will bring to those around me. I think of cycles that will be broken so my kids can grow in innocence and wonder. I think of a marriage that does not hedge my partner in to dancing around my peculiarities and vanities.  I think of strangers whose day was made somewhat brighter from a warm smile. It is in service to Sophia and the Spirit, to all sentient beings that I walk this path. I believe that for every good act the world is increased and for every bad it is decreased. I seek to remove the bad as completely as I can from my life.

And I seek inspiration wherever I can. I try not to stick to just things “Gnostic”. I draw from things that resonate, that speak a truth that I can feel within me. For me, I play the parts of all the blind men who are attempting to describe an elephant by touch. No tradition is out of bounds, no knowledge is off limits. But I practice within the boundaries of one tradition for it provides an arena, a framework for my burgeoning understanding.

I have even begun to find inspiration in mainstream Christianity and Catholicism, a place I rabidly attacked a short few years ago. Gnosis is there to see once you circumvent the hang-ups and misunderstandings around language and wording. There is Gnosis everywhere, and I revel in the task and challenge of finding it and learning the shape and form of it in this eternal Now.

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