Posted by: shawnjohnston | August 8, 2007

What Gnosticism Is To Me

In a world where everything is for sale, complete with a catchy jingle and appealing logo design, where truth is up to the consumer, and everybody hawks their wares like so many peddlers on the street of life, Gnosticism is a breath of fresh air.

In a world where wars are fought and people die over terminology and points of theology, to prove to themselves and to their version of God that they and they alone KNOW the Truth, Gnosticism is rational, sane possibilities stripped of certainties and absolutes.

Gnosticism is not proselytizing, it is not soap box sermons, it is not a dealer of theories or what-ifs or I-thinks. It is the finger pointing at the moon, a path through the forest, a framework of expression. It does not deal in polarized ideals or rigidly held beliefs. Gnosticism is nothing more and nothing less than the noetic apprehension of it’s participants; past, present and future. It is a cover-less book half filled with ideas, thoughts, impressions…and half filled with blank pages waiting in anticipation.

For me, it’s provides the beginnings of a road map. It provides a community to share with and learn from. A community of people who are not caught up in declaring their own truths, but who are committed to sharing what they have perceived of their part of the elephant without bias or prejudice. It provides the brushes and colours through which each of us can use to paint the story of our gnosis.

Gnosticism is not Truth, nor an avenue to it. It says there is no Truth, for when we label something thusly, it becomes something else. It says there only IS. It leads us on a journey of exploration of NOW so that we may begin to see what has always been in front of us. It is a key to a door we forgot to see.

Gnosticism is freedom.


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