Posted by: shawnjohnston | August 27, 2007

Spirituality Is Not Just An Add-On

Leland Kaiser wrote a wonderful blog the other day that I wanted to share. Please take a look at his blog as well at

Some folks view religion or spirituality as an important part of their lives. It represents a high value add-on. But, it has its appointed place and is not to be confused with higher priority matters such as career, marriage, family, success, wealth, prestige and status in the world. In other words, spirituality is a part of life, but not its core. These folks may be regular church goers, however, spirituality is not their primary focus. They do not spend more time on it than anything else they do.

A Gnostic has a very different perspective. For the Gnostic, spirituality is the core, the main purpose, the integrating center, and the method and final goal of life. Spirituality is not just a high value add-on. It is the only reason for being on earth. Everything else the Gnostic does is of secondary importance and is always subservient to his spiritual identity and his spiritual activities on earth.

For many students on the path, these two different attitudes represent different stages of their soul unfoldment. At first, spirituality is on the periphery of their lives. However, over time it begins to move toward the center, until at last, it is the center and the primary reason for their being. We refer to this as a growth in consciousness. It represents a more advanced stage of spiritual maturity. Ask yourself – What do you send more time on than your spirituality? This is your god and what you must get over to progress any further in your spiritual development.

In advanced stages of spiritual development, soul becomes the integrator of all levels of being. It is the life driver. Ego takes a secondary position as an enabler of soul. Spirituality moves from the position of high value add-on to a central position as the locus of being. Seeking the Kingdom of God is now primary. Everything else is secondary and assumes a position of high value add-on. This does not mean the Gnostic is not successful in this world. It means that success may come or may not come, but it really does not matter since success in this world is not the purpose of life.


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