Posted by: shawnjohnston | August 30, 2007

Battle Against Your Weaknesses

Enlightenment–that magnificent escape from anguish and ignorance–never happens by accident. It results from the brave and sometimes lonely battle of one person against his own weaknesses.

– Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano, “Landscapes of Wonder”



  1. I disagree. It happens in spite of our weakness and also *because* of it. Ken

  2. I agree with this saying wholeheartedly. As Mary herself says at Medjugorge: “…I want you to conquer one fault each day…”. Enlightenment does not happen “…in spite of our weakness….”. As Jesus said in the Bible, “…you must be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect…”, therefore that implies we have to eliminate our spiritual weaknesses, our sins, our tendencies to do wrong, and our flaws, not live with them and coexist with them side by side. And Enlightenment certainly does not happen ‘”…because…”‘of our weaknesses. It is strength which produces righteousness and goodness, not weakness. Strength that is used to do bad things such as dominate others is not strength. There is no strength to sinfulness, and weakness certainly does not produce righteousness or enlightenment. That certainly does not make any sense. Beware of false teachers and deluded seekers of God. Stick to the Messiah’s words, the holy saints’ and prophets’ words, and the straight Way.

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